mediation lawWe approach mediation with a solution-oriented and future-focused outlook.

As mediators, we strive to resolve conflicts for our clients in a respectful and fair manner that preserves and improves relationships between individuals and families.

Mediation is not only a helpful process in resolving conflicts. It can also be a very helpful planning tool and facilitate discussion for moving forward in a relationship, or for working out plans for cohabitation agreements, assisted reproduction agreements and estate planning arrangements.

We design a mediation process for each individual situation to ensure everyone involved is respected, comfortable and able to express themselves and their interests.

We are pleased to offer mediation services in person and remotely by video conference or by telephone, and are able to assist parties in many parts of Canada.

Areas we mediate include:

  • Cohabitation, marriage agreements and agreements for people who are already married;
  • Separation and divorce issues including property division, spousal support, child support and parenting matters;
  • Fertility law and assisted reproduction agreements and issues; and
  • Estate disputes and estate planning for blended families.

As mediators we are happy to prepare detailed agreements or memoranda of understanding documenting tentative agreements and outcomes of the mediation that you can take to your legal counsel for independent advice.

We would be happy to connect with you to discuss your situation and particular needs.

“It has been my pleasure to co-mediate multiple family law cases with Christine. She is a smart, highly effective lawyer with the skills both to problem-solve issues well and to know when to litigate. Her knowledge and instincts are excellent, and she is organized and efficient. I highly recommend her as both a lawyer and a mediator!” P.G.

“Christine mediated my family law matter. She was knowledgeable and solution focused. We were able to resolve our matter quickly. Would highly recommend her!” C.L.